Become a Brand Ambassador

Welcome! We are on the search for the new faces to represent our vibrational family. We are looking for like minded individuals who want to make a change for generations to come. Individuals who believe in the power of frequencies and have went or are going through the process of enhancing their lives. One person can influence the lives of many. LOVING-SERVING-VIBING. To join our community, you must be active on any social media platform. Learn how to get started today!

You will receive a link, and with that you will use it to share it on your social media platforms. The purpose of this link is for both parties to track sales made via that link. With each sale made, you earn up to 15% in commissions.

There is no catch! If you are selected to become one of our ambassadors you will receive payouts on last day of every month. Payments will be transferred via PayPal.

Follow the link provided below and someone from our team will contact you in 3-5 business days. Click Here!

Please contact via email for any questions you have and/or request more information about how our affiliate program works.

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